WFF 300 Rainwater Filter

Low maintenance costs
The WFF 300 Vortex Filter is the first choice for rainwater from large halls, sports stadiums, apartment blocks or public buildings.

Rainwater Harvesting in the Greek Aegean

Green Gardens in Greece through Rainwater Harvesting
Beauiful Gardens can be planted even under dry conditions. Take a look at the collection of our international references.

Continuous filtering for continuous processes

Completely made of stainless steel with flange connections up to DN 300. Continuous filtration of liquids or separation of solids. Pressure tight for industry or demanding rainwater harvesting. Learn more about the Vortex 300 Stainless

Reduce standby energy by 97%

Multimat, Sigura, Optima or Maxima:
All WISY rainwater units and break tanks are up to 97% more efficient in standby than others. Thanks to our automatic switch ZETA 02.
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WISY: Harvest rainwater intelligently - we supply the technology!

Dealing with natural resources such as water is the key to sustainability and environmental protection.Our claim at WISY is to make rainwater, as a decentralized resource available almost everywhere, economically and ecologically usable. For this reason, you will find specially adapted, high-performance products for private and commercial use in our range.

Your advantage: WISY offers a unique kind of filtration, which deflects the water, automatically removes the dirt and at the same time is low-maintenance. Suitably matched to single-family homes, multi-party properties or large buildings such as factory buildings, hospitals, sports facilities or commercial properties.


Since 1989: WISY quality - Made in Germany

In many countries, tap water is controlled and treated at great expense to ensure drinking water quality at all times. But then a substantial part of it is used for flushing toilets, which seems like an extreme waste of this important resource.

We therefore specialise in developing first-class technology to make rainwater usable for a wide range of applications. With our help, you can reduce water costs and make a valuable contribution to protecting the environment.

Good to know: According to the German Statistical Office, the average per capita consumption of water in Germany is more than 120 litres per day. About half of this is used for toilets, laundry and watering the garden.

This alone results in a savings potential of 50 percent - investments in WISY systems for rainwater utilisation pay for themselves correspondingly quickly.

Overview of product categories: What does WISY offer builders, planners and others?

To give you a better idea of the diversity of our technology, we provide basic details on each product group below. You can find more information on the product pages - just click on them!

  • Rainwater filter
    The principle that characterizes all WISY filters is based on a simple effect: water can be deflected to the side as it flows down, passing through a vertical filter mesh, while solids simply fall past it. No dirt accumulates at all. This not only ensures high efficiency, but at the same time provides continuous cleaning of the filter itself. In plain language: The low-maintenance rainwater filters from WISY offer great ecological and economic advantages. Whether for industrial, commercial or residential properties.

  • Pumps and pump controllers
    WISY offers suction and pressure pumps designed for the harsh conditions of handling rainwater. WISY's automatic switch stands out from the competition with its extremely low standby power consumption. It is up to 97% more efficient! More info? Here you will find the current overview of pumps and pump controllers from WISY.

  • Smoothing Inlet
    Prevent the swirling of sediment effectively by using a smoothing inlet.

  • Rainwater overflow
    WISY offers you a multifunctional overflow siphon (tip-proof). Optional with different options e.g. sewer backflow prevention and rodent protection or suitable for large systems with DN-200 pipes.

  • Floating suction filters
    Floating suction filters with floating body automatically extract the rainwater in the cleanest water depth. Manufactured by WISY, they are made of stainless steel and can withstand heavy use. For the protection of pump and rainwater unit.

  • Rainwater units
    Are you looking for a product to ensure domestic rainwater harvesting in no time? Rainwater from the cistern is fed into the rainwater pipe network. This allows the water demand, which is characterized by toilet flushing, garden irrigation and washing machine, to be significantly reduced and controlled. Automatic level controls of the WISY rainwater unit ensure a constant supply.

  • Rainwater storage tanks, cisterns & rain barrels
    The cistern for storing the collected rainwater is an important component of the rainwater system. WISY offers system tanks with 4.5 m³ or 5.5 m³ volume for permanent use.
    Further product details can be found on the product pages linked here: rain barrels and rainwater storage tanks!

  • Beak tanks and mains water top-up sets
    Do you want to safely separate process water from the public mains in the context of commercial or industrial use? For legally compliant (DIN EN 1717) separation, WISY offers several product types: While the mains water top-up set with nozzle and stainless steel funnel ensures the free outflow, a complete break tank additionally rennews pressure build-up in the service water network.

  • Industrial filters
    Especially for industry and special applications: Do you want to recycle process water or continuously separate solids? The filter housing must withstand increased pressure loads? Then you will be interested in our Vortex Stainless Filter. Completely made of stainless steel. With flange connections. Pressure-tight up to 6 bar on request. For pipes up to DN 300.

WISY stands for high efficiency and low maintenance rainwater harvesting

Our aim is to make the use of rainwater with WISY products as simple and efficient as possible. To this end, we are constantly developing filter technologies and methods - and have been doing so since 1989. As a leading manufacturer of qualitatively outstanding rainwater harvesting systems, we are at your side with our know-how in over 40 countries worldwide.

Specially for planners
Whether you are an architect, specialist dealer or installer: With WISY you leave nothing to chance. We will be happy to provide you with the necessary expertise and specialist knowledge to ensure that your next rainwater project is a complete success.

As a founding member of the German Association for Rainwater Harvesting (FBR), we offer you exclusive insights into the technology of rainwater harvesting.
Talk to us about it at any time!