About us - WISY AG

In 1989 the founder of the company, Norbert Winkler, laid the foundation stone by patenting the first WISY rainwater filter . Thanks to his groundbreaking filter principle and the continuous expansion of the product portfolio, WISY AG quickly advanced to become the leading manufacturer of high-quality rainwater harvesting systems. Today, WISY is firmly rooted in rainwater harvesting worldwide and works closely with partners in over 40 countries to provide innovative solutions.

Our focus

Using rainwater efficiently and sustainably - Technological excellence and holistic solutions for a sustainable water supply.

We are leaders in the technological use of rainwater. Our portfolio includes a complete system with four purification stages for filtering and storing rainwater. Additionally we offer all components required for transport and continuous water supply without interruptions.

Production is done in our factory in Kefenrod - Hitzkirchen, a small village in the hessian Vogelsberg region.

From the very beginning it was also a matter of conveying the necessary expertise. During the last 25 years, over 10,000 planners, architects, installers and specialist dealers have been familiarised with the technology and rules of rainwater harvesting at the in-house training centre .

With WISY, you are choosing quality and lasting benefits!

Durability & reliability - that's what our products stand for.

In professional rainwater harvesting, WISY is therefore represented in many thousands of projects worldwide. In public buildings such as schools, hospitals, fire stations etc., WISY products guarantee reliable rainwater supply.

Single-family home owners appreciate WISY for the easy handling and the extremely low maintenance of the systems.

We are certain that you will enjoy using our rainwater harvesting products.

WISY is founding member of the Bundesverband für Betriebs- und Regenwasser e.V.
(Federal Association for Industrial Water and Rainwater)


WISY is a founding member of the German Federal Association for Industrial Water and Rainwater . In addition, WISY participated in the relevant DIN committees in the creation of the valid standards for the construction and operation of rainwater harvesting systems.

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