The calmed inlet for cisterns made of high-quality stainless steel is specially designed for the inlet pipe DN 110 with an outer diameter of 110 mm. Alternatively, there is also a version for DN 200 inlet pipes. Its function is to prevent sediment from being whirled up and to distribute the freshly inflowing, oxygen-enriched rainwater evenly in the storage tank.

The inlet calming is made entirely of hard-wearing stainless steel, which guarantees high durability and resistance. With this practical accessory, the collected rainwater remains clean and is optimally distributed in the storage tank.

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Article number

Inlet calming for inlet pipes DN 100 EB 0300
Inlet calming with 204 mm inner diameter (For inlet pipes DN 200. For combination with WFF 300) EB 0303
Inlet calming with 222 mm inner diameter EB 0304
Inlet calming DN 125 with telescopic extension DN 100 (For combination with LineAr 100) EB 0305

Inlet calming for pre-filtered water

The inlet calming is a real water brake, which at the same time, due to its design, achieves a calm water entry into the cistern, distributed upwards and over a wide area. The soil sediment thus remains completely untouched.

A real WISY innovation made of stainless steel!

Enema calming
Inlet calming drawing

Calmed water inlet

The inlet calming is the perfect solution to prevent sediment turbulence and to distribute freshly incoming, oxygen-enriched rainwater evenly in the storage tank. With optional telescopic pull-out and made entirely of stainless steel, the product impresses with its high quality and durability.