Rainwater filter for installation in horizontal pipes in the ground or for outdoor installation. Optionally with 50 cm extension pipe for adapting the inspection opening to ground level. Rainwater inlet freely rotatable. Tested according to ATV: Can be driven over by vehicles up to 30 t. Housing made of polypropylene. Filter insert made of stainless steel, low-maintenance. Cleaning in a dishwasher is recommended, interval 2 - 3 times a year. Mesh size of the filter fabric 0.28 mm (standard version) or 0.44 mm.

Drainage-proof according to DIN EN 12056 / EN 752, fulfils DIN 1989.

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Rainwater filter

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Vortex fine filter WFF 150 Vortex fine filter WFF 150
Vortex fine filter WFF 150
Variants from €546.21*
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Vortex fine Filter WFF 300 Vortex fine Filter WFF 300
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Article number

Version Mesh size Art. no.
WFF 150 with extension pipe 0,28 WF 1011
WFF 150 with extension tube 0,44 WF 1012
WFF 150 without extension tube 0,28 WF 1002
WFF 150 without extension tube 0,44 WF 1001

Function and field of application

The WFF 150 vortex fine filter is usually installed below ground level in the horizontal water pipe. It filters the rainwater flowing in from the side and directs it laterally to the cistern. Its filter insert consists of fine stainless steel mesh with a mesh size of only 0.28 mm. This reliably separates leaves, moss and other washed-in debris and also flushes them laterally into the receiving water. A coarser mesh size of 0.44 mm is also available as an option, as well as free-standing installation with the wall mountings available as accessories.


The clean rainwater is optimally prepared for storage in the cistern and subsequent use in washing machines, flushing toilets or for cleaning purposes. The use in riding and sports facilities is ideal where large areas have to be irrigated or the demand for soft water for cleaning purposes is high.

All WISY vortex fine filters are also ideally suited for cleaning process water. Examples of applications can already be found in the paper, textile and food industries.

Drainage capacity

12.8 litres of water per second can flow through the WFF 150. In Germany, this corresponds to the drainage volume of a projected roof area of 500 m². As in all WISY filters, the open cross-section is maintained throughout. There are no constrictions in the cross-section where rainwater can accumulate. Not even in the case of cloudburst-like rainfall with heavy load input. Safe drainage according to DIN EN 12056 / EN 752 is always guaranteed, DIN 1989 is fulfilled.

Efficient rainwater filter

Convince yourself of the high performance of the WISY vortex fine filters: The rainwater flowing in from the side is efficiently filtered by the filter insert made of fine stainless steel mesh with a mesh size of only 0.28 mm and passed on to the cistern.

In this way, leaves, moss and smaller particles washed along with the water are reliably separated, permanently washed down the filter mesh and then transported into the canal or an infiltration trough.

Twistable outlet bend and optional extension tube

The rotatable outlets for flushing water and filtered rainwater create flexibility. They can be turned horizontally in relation to each other and to the inlet and thus adapted to the installation situation.

With the optional extension pipe, pipelines lying below the surface can also be equipped with the vortex fine filter.

Housing accessible by lorry

The cover and housing of the WFF 150 vortex fine filter are so sturdily constructed that trucks weighing up to 30 tonnes can drive over them (standard vehicles according to DIN1072 / SLW30).

Oxygen enrichment

During filtration in the vortex fine filter, the water is enriched with oxygen. The high oxygen content additionally improves the water quality and prevents the growth of undesirable, anaerobic microorganisms.

Low-maintenance and -friendly

All WISY filter inserts are designed to be particularly low-maintenance. Their smooth stainless steel surface makes it almost impossible for impurities to adhere. If necessary, the filter insert can be easily removed from the top of the housing with the help of the lift-out bracket provided and cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner or in the dishwasher.

Detailed insight

Take a look at how easy it is to remove the filter insert of the vortex fine filter using the lift-out bracket provided and then reinsert it into the filter housing: