The Multimat rainwater unit uses a submersible pump to pump rainwater out of the storage tank and feeds it under pressure into the rainwater pipe network . It controls the system, checks the level of the storage tank and, if necessary, automatically ensures that mains water is fed into the rainwater storage tank.

The Multimat works with two separate electric cables from the cistern to the wall-mounted unit. This ensures simple installation and long-term operational reliability . Two sockets must be provided on site.

Dimensions of the Multimat wall console (in mm): W 310 x H 310 x D 150

Scope of delivery

Wall console in the house with:

  • Zeta 02 pump controller, switch-on pressure 1.5 bar with manometer and operating display
  • free mains water outlet with solenoid valve in 1⁄2" connection hose made of special rubber with stainless steel braiding, ball valve with dirt trap
  • Wall bracket made of stainless steel with mounting parts
  • Labelling set
  • Protective cover

Submersible pump in the cistern:
  • Multi-stage submersible pressure pump Multigo with baseplate (22 x 22 cm) made of stainless steel, 20 m connection cable and 3 m lifting rope. Pressure side with 1" nozzle with backflow preventer.
  • Float switch, with switch lever and clamp with 20 m cable
  • Intermediate plug
  • Floating suction coarse filter SAGF made of stainless steel, mesh size 1.2 mm with highly flexible suction hose in 1".

The installation and operating instructions for this product are provided in German and English only. By purchasing this product, you agree to these instructions.

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Structure and mode of operation

The MULTIMAT rainwater unit is designed for use in detached houses and apartment buildings, but can also be used in small commercial units. It consists of two units: the wall console with control and mains water top up in the house and the submersible pressure pump with float switch and suction filter in the cistern. If a rainwater tapping point is opened, the control unit detects the pressure drop and switches on the pump. The rainwater is transported directly from the cistern to the points of use. The pressure in the rainwater pipe can be read on the display.

Structure of the Multimat rainwater plant
Rainwater cistern Multimat

Quiet and space-saving

Since the pump is located in the cistern, the space required in the house is significantly less than with other solutions. Pumping noises are not audible. Apart from the flow of water, it is absolutely quiet in the house.

Pump Multigo 205 or 407

The robust Multigo submersible pressure pump can build up a pressure of almost 5 bar. Several storeys or long discharge pipes are no obstacle for it. It is available in two power ratings, depending on your needs.

The smaller Multigo 205 delivers 80 l/min, while the more powerful Multigo 407 moves up to 125 l/min.

Multimat rainwater plant
Made in Germany

Rainwater unit

Wall console with the automatic switch for controlling the pump.


Pump Multigo

The rainwater storage tank contains the underwater pressure pump with floating suction filter.

Rainwater cistern Multimat
Floating suction coarse filter

Floating coarse suction filter

In order to maintain the best possible water quality at all times, a floating suction filter is connected to the submersible pump. It has a stainless steel filter mesh with a mesh size of 1.2 mm. It is connected to the pump via a hose and hangs on a floating ball about 20 cm below the water surface. Exactly where the water is particularly clear, because heavy particles sink to the bottom and light ones float to the top.

Mains water top up

If the rainwater tank is empty during a longer dry period, the water supply in the cistern is replenished with mains water. For this purpose, a float switch monitors the fill level of the tank. If the water level falls below the minimum value, the solenoid valve of the mains water top up opens and the water in the cistern is replenished with an average daily requirement. This means that there is always enough water available at all taps. The free outlet prevents the rainwater from coming into direct contact with the mains water, as required by regulation.

Delivery rate rainwater plant Multimat
Made in Germany


Consumes less than 0.2 Watt in standby mode!



Together with THM, WISY has developed an efficient, revolutionary control system.

Up to 97% more economical in standby mode

The controls of many rainwater units have a power consumption of up to 15 watts in standby mode. Day and night, 365 days a year. This standby consumption accounts for a large part of the energy required for rainwater harvesting. To counter this, WISY has developed the efficient ZETA 02 pump controller together with the Technical University Hesse THM in Giessen.

It reduces the standby consumption to less than 0.2 watts. This is a small revolution, so to speak: compared to conventional rainwater units, energy consumption in standby mode is reduced by up to 97 %. The ZETA 02 is part of the standard equipment of the MULTIMAT.

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Article number

MULTIMAT 205 RW 9025
MULTIMAT 407 RW 9047

Technical data

Equipment MULTIMAT 205 MULTIMAT 407
Submersible pump in the cistern Multigo 205 Multigo 407
Pump controller Zeta 02
Hydraulic data
Operating pressure 4,8 bar 4,9 bar
Flow rate max 80 l/min 125 l/min
Switch-on pressure of the rainwater unit 1.5 bar
min. Switch-off pressure of the rainwater unit 2.2 bar
Maximum start-up frequency 20 times per hour
Pumped media Filtered rainwater or mains water (no sand content)
Maximum immersion depth of submersible pump 20 m
Electrical data
Power consumption rainwater operation (max. power / nominal power) 1,000 W / 600 W 1,180 W / 750 W
Power consumption mains water operation (max. power / nominal power) 1,008 W / 608 W 1,188 W / 758 W
Power consumption stand-by / standby mode < 0,2 W
Mains connection 230 V, 50 Hz, single-phase
Max. current consumption 10 A
Cable for mains connection of pump controller 1.4 m (3 x 1.0 mm²) with plug
Submersible pump Connection cable 20 m (3 x 1 mm²) with plug
Cable mains connection solenoid valve 1.5 m (3 x 1.0 mm²) with plug
Float switch 20 m (3 x 1 mm²), free cable end
Protection class against environmental influences
Submersible pump & float switch IP 68
Water connections of the wall unit
Pump controller, inlet and outlet 2 x 1" outside thread
Free mains water outlet, inlet ¹/₂" outside thread
Free mains water outlet, tundish DN 50 (50 mm)
Water connections of the submersible pump
Suction side 1" nozzle 1 ¹/₄" nozzle
Pressure side 1" nozzle with backflow preventer 1" nozzle with backflow preventer
Noise emission in the house
Rainwater operation 0 dB (A)
Ambient conditions
max. water temperature 40° C
Wall unit (W x H x D) 310 x 310 x 150mm
Submersible pump (diameter x height) 127 mm x 496 mm 127 mm x 511 mm