For collecting rainwater. Seamlessly made of environmentally friendly and physiologically harmless polyethylene. The solid wall thickness guarantees durability and winter resistance.

The storage volume of a STABILIX rainwater barrel is 500 litresand can be expanded as required by connecting several STABILIX rainwater barrels. STABILIX -barrels. The opaque colouring prevents algae formation. The lockable safety lid prevents fly and mosquito breeding


The rain barrel is prepared for the connection of a watering can tap and the connection of a free-standing external pump. Thanks to its compact dimensions (ø 70 cm), the rain barrel fits through any normal cellar door and can therefore also be used for domestic purposes.

  1. Rainwater collector inlet with seal for 1¼" inlet connection, closed with blind plug (suitable for connection hose 15803).
  2. Pump connection/drain outlet ¾" IT with ¾" blanking plug
  3. Tap prepared for watering can ¾" (tap optional)
  4. Rain barrel lid with screwcap DN 400

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Technical data

Capacity 500 l
Height 160 cm
Diameter ø 70 cm

Article number

Stabilix Rain Barrel Colour Art. No.
Stabilix green GT 5100
Stabilix stone grey GT 5150

Which rain barrel do I need?

For occasional water needs, we recommend storing rainwater in a frost-proof rain barrel with a lid.

It should be impermeable to light , made of UV-resistant material and have a firm, preferably screw-on lid. This prevents algae growth and you can enjoy a safe rain barrel with a lid for a long time, in which mosquito larvae cannot multiply .

If the rainwater filter is placed at the level of the top filling level, the rain barrel cannot overflow. The watering can can be quickly filled at the rain barrel with tap (optional) - without any electricity!

What does the rain collector RS

Solid rain barrel with lid

With the STABILIX , you are investing in a solid rain barrel with lid that will give you pleasure for a long time!

The lid for the rain barrel brings safety

The rain barrel lid prevents larvae of insects in the water. In addition, the screw lid of the rain barrel ensures that no one falls down.

One-piece rain barrel

The rain barrel STABILIX rain barrel is seamlessly manufactured from one piece and therefore permanently leak-proof. It is made of environmentally friendly and physiologically harmless polyethylene (PE).

Frost-proof rain barrel

The solid wall thickness makes the rain barrel frost-proof and guarantees durability - even in winter. The usual tendency for cracks to form when there is a risk of frost does not exist for the STABILIX rain barrel with lid.

500 litre rain barrel

With 500 litre rainwater butts like the STABILIX , many watering cans can be filled before the next rainfall.

Rain barrel with lid easily installed

The STABILIX rain barrel is easy to install. WISY has just the right accessories for this, such as a garden rainwater collector, connection hose or tap.

Rain barrel connection for tap or pump

The rain barrel is prepared for the connection of a spigot or the connection of a free-standing external pump. For this purpose, it is already equipped with a ¾-inch internal brass thread.

Connecting rain barrels together

The storage volume of several STABILIX rainwater barrels can be STABILIX rainwater butts can be expanded. Of course, this can also be done retroactively.

Rain barrel as water tank in the house

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the rain barrel fits through any normal cellar door. This is how the STABILIX rain barrel with lid can also be used indoors.