The SIGURA 350 break tank stations safely separate domestic hot water systems with a standard-compliant free outlet type AF from the public mains and build up the required operating pressure. The intermediate tank holds 350 litres and serves as a buffer to quickly provide the required volume flow in the domestic hot water system. The pump is controlled by the Zeta 02 automatic switch, which requires only 0.2 watts in standby mode.

The pressure in the domestic hot water system is generated by either the Multigo 205 or 407 submersible pump. The Multigo 205 delivers 80 l/min, while the Multigo 407 even ensures 120 l/min .

Scope of delivery:

  • Intermediate storage tank with a capacity of 350 litres with emergency overflow DN 100 - Multi-stage submersible pump Multigo 205 or 407.
  • Zeta 02 automatic switch with manometer
  • Automatic drinking water make-up with float valve 3⁄4".
  • Connecting hose 0.5 m, 1" OD (3⁄4" OD for Sigura 205, 1" OD for Sigura 407)
  • Ball valve with 2 x (3⁄4" IT for Sigura 205, 1" IT for Sigura 407)

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Technical data

Volume flow, maximum 80 or 120 l/min
Outlet pressure, maximum 48 m water column (480 kPa)
Volume of intermediate reservoir 350 litres
Conforms to standards according to DIN EN 1717:2011-08, DIN 1988-100:2011-08
Safety device (DIN) AF

Article number

Sigura 350-205 max. 80 l/min TR 5355
Sigura 350-407 max. 120 l/min TR 5357

Scope of application

The SIGURA 350 separating station safely separates domestic hot water systems from the public mains and builds up the required operating pressure. The standard-compliant, free outlet of type AF protects the drinking water network from potentially microbially or virally contaminated service water.

SIGURA separation stations decouple the service water of an irrigation system for green areas just as reliably as that of livestock watering systems in animal husbandry. But they are also used in car wash facilities, food processing or the hospitality industry.


Via the free outlet, the water reaches an integrated intermediate tank with a capacity of 350 litres. It serves as a buffer to quickly convey the required volume flow into the service water system with the integrated submersible pump.

This means that the required pressure and volume flow is reliably available at all connected systems and tapping points.

Pump capacity

The integrated MULTIGO 205 or 407 submersible pump is available as standard. It delivers a maximum of 80 l/min or 120 l/min and a maximum pressure of 48 m water column.


Diameter of tank: ø 700mm
Height of tank: 1,225mm
Total height 1350mm

Energy efficient design

All SIGURA separation stations from WISY work with reliable and proven components. A characteristic feature is their very low power consumption in stand-by mode. This is due to the Zeta 02 automatic switch, which requires less than 0.2 watts in standby mode. This is important because this operating mode often takes up the largest share of time.