Discover our products for large-scale rainwater systems

Are you planning a large-scale rainwater system with a large collection area and a large cistern volume? WISY is exactly the right partner for you. We offer all the components you need to treat rainwater in a large-scale rainwater system.

Whether it's a large industrial building, hotel complex, sports stadium or machine hall: the WISY 4-stage system is easy to scale and thus enables rainwater to be treated into service water regardless of the connected collection area.

Easy scalability of your rainwater system

As with smaller rainwater harvesting systems, the rainwater in large-scale systems is treated by the WISY 4-stage system and is then available as clear service and process water.

The 4-stage system has been state of the art for decades and has proven itself in numerous systems. A major advantage: it is easy to scale by connecting several rainwater filters in parallel.

Subsequent system components as well as the cistern volume then only need to be adjusted to the rainwater volume and demand. However, no additional cleaning steps are required. Thus, there are no limits to the size of the connection area.

A selection of our references for large-scale rainwater systems

Numerous WISY products are in use around the world, turning rainwater into clear service and industrial water every day. Discover a small selection of our references.

The WISY 4-step system for the treatment of rainwater

In order to get from rainwater to treated service and industrial water, a total of four stages are passed through. These four stages should be implemented in every rainwater system - whether in a small detached house or a large sports stadium.

The WISY 4-stage system makes the rainwater storable in the long term and is always ideally suited for subsequent uses.

Stage 1: Rainwater filter

The WFF 300 vortex fine filter separates all particles larger than 0.38 mm and stores about 90 % of the rainwater filtered in the cistern. The filter insert, which is open at the bottom, is continuously flushed free of residual water.

Vortex fine Filter WFF 300 Vortex fine Filter WFF 300
Vortex Fine Filter WFF 300 VA Vortex Fine Filter WFF 300 VA
Vortex fine Filter WFF 300 Vortex fine Filter WFF 300
Smoothing inlet for cisterns Smoothing inlet for cisterns
Smoothing inlet for cisterns
Variants from €89.25*
Smoothing inlet for cisterns (222 mm) Smoothing inlet for cisterns (222 mm)
Smoothing inlet for cisterns (222 mm)
Variants from €89.25*

Stage 2: Calmed inlet for the cistern

The inlet calming system carefully distributes the fresh water in the cistern without stirring up sediments. Stored water thus always remains clear.

Stage 3: Floating intake filter

In the cleanest area of the cistern, about 20 cm below the water surface, the clear rainwater is taken out.

Overflow siphon DN 200 Overflow siphon DN 200

Stage 4: Overflow

The top layer of water regularly flushes into the overflow siphon. This prevents a barrier layer on the water surface. The oxygen exchange between air and water remains optimal.

A wide range of applications for purified rainwater

If the rainwater is properly treated, it can be stored permanently in the long term and can be used in a wide variety of areas.

Get advice now on large-scale rainwater harvesting systems

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