The LineAr 100 rainwater filter made of plastic has a vertical filter mesh made of stainless steel with a mesh size of 0.44 mm. The filter body is made of polyethylene (PE) and all connections have a diameter of DN 110. The filter can be installed either in the dome shaft of a cistern or in a separate shaft and complies with the requirements of DIN 1986. A cleaning brush is included in the scope of delivery.

Drainage-proof according to DIN EN 12056/EN752 meets DIN 1989.

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Minimal height offset, straight pipe run

Whether in a new building or for retrofitting: the space-saving LineAR 100 filter is easy to plan in and does not require any additional earthworks.

There is only a good five centimetres between the inlet for rainwater and the outlet for the dirt load. Due to this small height offset, the LineAr 100 can be easily integrated into an existing pipe run. It can even be placed directly in the cistern without affecting the slope of the pipeline.

Made in Germany

Low maintenance

The robust rainwater filter has a low maintenance frequency of only 2-3 times per year.


5 years warranty

We offer a WISY guarantee of 5 years for our reliable rainwater filter.

Well thought out design

WISY's LineAr Filter 100 has a vertically positioned filter mesh which leaves, moss or suspended matter simply fall past and are washed away by the residual water. This is the decisive advantage over almost horizontal filter surfaces, which get dirty very quickly.

The pipe diameter remains completely intact in the LineAr Filter 100. Even a tennis ball - washed off the roof by the rain - can pass through the filter housing unhindered. The rainwater obtained is not only clean, but also particularly soft by nature. It can be used perfectly to flush the toilet, wash laundry or water the garden.

Quality with 5 years warranty

The LineAr Filter 100 is robust and has a filter insert made of stainless steel. It contains neither wear parts nor moving assemblies that could jeopardise safe operation. We give a 5-year guarantee on this.

Rainwater filter linear

Product Video: Cistern filter LineAr 100

Rainwater filter

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Technical data

Overview Details
Maximum roof area, temperate climate 200 m²
Height offset 5 cm
Water yield at 1.4 l/min > 90 %
Maintenance frequency 2-3 x per year
Diameter of all connection pipes DN 100 (110 mm)
Warranty 5 years
Housing material Polyethylene or stainless steel