The overflow siphon  made of impact-resistant ABS plastic is suitable for the cistern overflow (DN 110), enables easy drainage of surface dirt (skim effect) and prevents sewer odour in the cistern. Tilt-proof due to support pipe, 6 litre barrier water volume. Various equipment available, including small animal protection.

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Article number

Multisiphon with sewer backflow protection, without small animal protection US 1004
with sewer backflow protection, with small animal protection US 1002
without sewer backflow protection, without small animal protection US 1005
without sewer backflow protection, with small animal protection US 1003


The overflow siphon made of impact-resistant ABS plastic is used to connect to the cistern overflow (DN 110) and allows surface dirt to drain off easily (skim effect). At the same time, it prevents sewer odours from entering the cistern. It is tip-proof due to a support pipe supplied and has a large barrier water volume of 6 litres. Various equipment variants are available.



  1. Connect the multisiphon to the DN 100 overflow pipe in the cistern
  2. Attach the support pipe underneath to prevent it from tipping over
  3. Only for models with integrated backflow preventer: Secure the connection between the multisiphon and the overflow pipe with the enclosed safety clamp


  • With or without sewer backflow protection
  • with or without small animal protection

The version with integrated protection against sewer backflow is supplied with a clip-on safety clip for a DN 100 pipe connection. The passive small animal protection is made of stainless steel and can be easily removed for maintenance purposes .