Our products for pumping rainwater

Here you will find all the components required to convey purified rainwater to the points of use.

Rainwater pumps are either installed directly in the cistern as submersible pressure pumps or in the building as self-priming pumps. For automatic operation, the pump is switched on or off via the pressure-controlled, energy-efficient Zeta 02 automatic switch with an energy requirement of just 0.2 watts in standby mode.
Alternatively, the pumps can also be switched manually by switching the power supply on or off. switched on or off.

Ideally, the rainwater is taken from the cistern via a floating suction filter. However, direct-priming pumps are also available for simple applications.

If there is ever too little water in the cistern, float switches recognise the current water level and ensure that the water is replenished with tap water as required, while at the same time protecting the pump from running dry.