The new electronics of the Zeta 02 reduce the standby power consumption by many times in comparison to conventional devices. The power consumption in standby mode is reduced to 0.2 watts, which means up to 128 kWh less per year than commercially available models. This is associated with a reduction in CO2 emissions of 97% or 70 kg per year. Optionally with fixed or variable switch-on pressure.

The WISY pump controller ZETA 02 is programmable:

  1. Adjustable run-on time: Unnecessary pump run-on is avoided, further reducing energy consumption.
  2. Too many pump starts: More than 25 pump starts per hour are unusual. They indicate small leaks, such as running toilet flushes or a dripping tap, and endanger the pump life. To protect it, the Zeta 02 pump controller can automatically stop the pump in this case.
  3. Unintentional continuous operation: A lot of water is lost if a pipe bursts or a garden hose bursts. The Zeta 02 pump controller detects continuous operation for more than ten minutes and can stop the pump. Of course, this function can be deactivated manually if, for example, the lawn is to be watered.

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Completely new electronics

We have completely revised the electronics of our pump controller , which we use to control our pumps and rainwater units. It reduces the power consumption in standby mode many times compared to conventional devices.

Great potential for energy savings

The new electronic circuitry reduces power consumption in stand-by mode to 0.2 watts, whereas commercially available pump controllers need between 6 and 15 watts from the mains. Thus, WISY's ZETA 02 saves up to 128 kWh per year. This is associated with a reduction in CO₂ emissions of 97% or 70 kg per year.

Compliant with the Ecodesign Directive

With this new development, WISY AG voluntarily complies with the strict requirements of the Ecodesign Directive. In this directive, the European Union stipulates that the stand-by consumption for numerous household and office appliances must not exceed 0.5 watts. Although the strict requirements do not yet apply to the circuit breakers, WISY already meets them!

Good for the environment and cost-saving for the user

The energy consumption of a conventional pump controller in stand-by mode is best illustrated by comparative figures: the amount of electricity required annually by products on the market even exceeds that of a large flat-screen TV. The fact that this can also save real money is obvious - at the latest when you look at your next electricity bill!

All WISY rainwater units are equipped with the efficient ZETA 02 pump controller!

Safety with programmable functions

Adjustable run-on time

The pump's run-on time after water pumping is complete can be adjusted as required and offers four selectable settings: one, three, five and ten seconds. This flexible setting option opens numerous advantages for the system and its operators.

The possibility to set the run-on time individually reduces the energy demand of the entire system even further.

Detection of unusually frequent pump starts

Too frequent starts shorten the life of the capacitor inside the of the pump. Therefore, you can programme the ZETA 02 pump controller so that it detects too frequent starts and stops the pump at more than 25 starts per hour. A running toilet flush or a dripping garden tap will cause the pump to shut down and can thus prevent damage to the pump and water loss.

Detection of unintentional continuous operation

The pump controller offers the option of programming the pump to detect and automatically stop continuous operation for more than 10 minutes. This minimises uncontrolled water loss and prevents water damage in the event of a burst pipe or a burst garden hose.

When dos the pump controller switch on a pump?

As soon as a water consumer starts or a water tap is opened, the pump controller registers the pressure drop and switches on the pump. To activate the pump , the ZETA 02 pump controller has a Schuko socket into which any commercially available pump can be plugged.

When does the controller turn the pump off ?

The pump is switched off again by the pressure switch as soon as the pressure in the pipe system is built up again. This can cause the pump to switch on and off, especially when only small amounts of are drawn.

The pump controller additionally takes the role of the flow monitor and measures whether the water is flowing through the pipe or whether it is standing still. The pump controller only switches the pump off when the flow is zero.

If no more water flows through the pump controller, it switches the pump off after a short run-on time. With the ZETA 02 pump controller, this run-on time can be adjusted

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Technical data

Overview Details
Stand-by power consumption < 0.2 Watt
Voltage 110-240V
Frequency 50/60Hz, single-phase
Maximum pressure 10 bar
Flow rate 160 l/min
Connections 1" outside thread
Switch-on pressure ZETA 02 1,5 bar
Switch-on pressure ZETA 02/V adjustable from 1.5 to 2.8 bar

Article number

Product Details Item number
ZETA 02, fixed cut-in pressure at 1.5 bar ZT 0200
ZETA 02, switch-on pressure fixed at 1.5 bar with wall bracket ZT 0206
ZETA 02/V, cut-in pressure adjustable 1.5 bar to 2.8 bar ZT 0210
ZETA 02/V, switch-on pressure adjustable 1.5 bar to 2.8 bar with wall bracket ZT 0207
As spare part for AspriPlus
ZETA 02, cut-in pressure fixed at 1.5 bar with sealed screw connection ZT 0250
ZETA 02/V, cut-in pressure adjustable 1.5 bar to 2.8 bar with sealed screw connection ZT 0260