The Maxima rainwater unit ensures a high supply capacity thanks to the large hybrid tank. In doing so, it combines all components required for operating the rainwater supply according to the two-pressure pump principle. The rainwater is pumped from the rainwater storage tank into the buffer tank of the hybrid system by means of the underwater charge pump. From there, the submersible pressure pump supplies the consumption points. Drinking water is replenished directly into the unit's hybrid tank as required, buffer volume 350 l for high demand peaks. Complies with DIN 1989 and DIN EN 1717.

Volume: 350 litres
Overall height: 1.54 m
Diameter: 0.77 m

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Article number

Product Article number
Maxima 205 control unit fixed to the unit ZE 9901
Maxima 407 Control unit fixed to the unit ZE 9903

Hybrid unit in the house:

  • Capacity 350 l, with emergency overflow DN 100
  • multistage submersible pressure pump, Multigo 205 or 407 with rubber base
  • automatic switch Zeta02/V with manometer
  • electronic control unit
  • automatic drinking water feed
  • free drinking water outlet (1⁄2" for Maxima 205, 3⁄4" for Maxima 407), with solenoid valve, ball valve and safety strainer
  • Non-return valve in rainwater feed line
  • Hose connection set for Maxima, consisting of connecting hose 0.50 m, 1" O.D., brass ball valve with IT, (3⁄4" for Maxima 205, 1" for Maxima 407)
  • Marking set


  • Container diameter: ø 700mm
  • Height container: 1.225mm
  • Total height 1350mm

Storage tank equipment with:

  • Provedo-Doc (VX) submersible charging pump with permanently mounted vertical float switch, 15 m connection cable, 1¼" nozzle with non-return valve on the pressure side, 3 m support cable and hook screw.
  • stand plate 22 cm x 22 cm for submersible pressure pump, made of stainless steel
  • Floating suction fine filter made of stainless steel, mesh size 0.3 mm, with 0.75 m highly flexible suction hose