LineAr 100 Rainwater Filter

371.28 554.78 

  • Filters rainwater from roof areas up to 200 m2 in size (temperate climate zones)
  • Only 5 cm height difference between inlet and outlet
  • For installation in storage tank
  • Self-cleaning, vertical filter mesh
  • Horizontally aligned pipes DN 100
  • Rainwater for toilet flushing, washing machine and garden

Installation and operating instructions for this product are only available in German or English. You need to understand German or English to install and use this product safely.


Minimum height difference, straight piping

Whether for new builds or retrofits: The space-saving LineAr 100 rainwater filter is easy to plan and can be installed without any extra excavation work. There are just five centimeters height difference between the rainwater inlet and the dirty water outlet.

Thanks to this minimal height difference, the LineAr 100 is extremely easy to integrate into existing pipework. It can even be placed directly inside a rainwater storage tank without changing the gradient of existing piping.