Food Manufacturer Hengstenberg

Fritzlar, Germany | 2000

„Hengstenberg“ is the best known German producer of sauerkraut, tinned food, vinegar, etc. Hengstenberg acts upon the maxim: “Eating and drinking are elementary needs of the manhood. Therefore, we pay attention to the quality of the greenware and the gentle processing in our manufacturing plants.”

Since 2001 the WISY standpipe filter collectors are an inherent part of the production of sauerkraut, pickles, and other tinned food. The stainless steel filters are used by Hengstenberg to separate the brew and juice from the vegetables. The high quality of the filters, the easy installation and handling have convinced Hengstenberg. and WISY AG is proud to count Hengstenberg to its loyal customers.



10 x Standpipe Filter Collectors STFS, Filter mesh size 0.28 mm


Separated Particles

Reduction of the fluid fraction during food production