The standpipe filter collector is used for installation in the downpipe or in the ground and combines a standpipe and filter collector in one product. It is backflow-proof and consists of a housing top, housing pot and filter insert, with all parts made of stainless steel.

The mesh size of the filter fabric is 0.28 mm. We recommend to inspect the filter insert of the standpipe filter collector one or two times a year and to clean it in a dishwasher if necessary. The outlet connection to the rainwater storage tank is DN 50 (50mm), while the connection to the sewer pipes is DN 110 (110 mm)

Drainage-proof according to DIN EN 12056 / EN 752, complies with DIN 1989.

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The standpipe filter collector filters rainwater flowing in from above before it is drained off to the side of the cistern. Its filter insert consists of fine stainless steel mesh with a mesh size of only 0.28 mm. This reliably separates leaves, moss and other washed-in debris and flushes them downwards into the receiving water.

The functional principle is the same as that of the FS filter collector. The clean rainwater is optimally prepared for storage in the cistern and subsequent use in washing machines, toilet flushing or for cleaning purposes.

The standpipe filter collector STFS as a replacement for the standpipe

As an alternative to the usual cast iron standpipe at the foot of the downpipe, WISY offers the standpipe filter collector. Here, the filter collector has the shape of the standpipe and can be used in its place 1:1. The outlet of the filtered water is below ground level. The generous dimensions provide additional storage volume, allowing up to 200 m² of projected roof area to be connected.

All versions are frost and corrosion resistant. Filters made of stainless steel can be installed in downpipes made of zinc, copper or plastic without galvanic interaction. Different connection widths of the filters allow flexible installation.

Low-maintenance and -friendly

All WISY filter inserts are designed to be particularly low-maintenance. Their smooth stainless steel surface makes it almost impossible for impurities to adhere.

Since the filter insert in all designs of the filter collector is always above floor level, it is easily accessible and protected against backwater in the sewer system. If necessary, it can be removed from the housing in a few easy steps and cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner or in a dishwasher.

Filter capacity

The water flow through the filter collector can be up to 4.2 l/s, corresponding to the capacity of the downpipe. As in all WISY filters, the open cross-section is maintained throughout. There are no constrictions of the cross-section where rainwater can accumulate. Not even in the case of cloudburst-like rainfall with heavy dirt input. Safe drainage according to DIN EN 12056 / EN 752 is always guaranteed, DIN 1989 is fulfilled. At the same time, the filter has a high hydraulic efficiency. At an inflow of 2 l/s, for example, 90 % of the incoming water is recovered as filtrate.

Range of application

The standpipe filter collector for installation in the downpipe/ground is a standpipe and filter collector at the same time, backflow-proof. Consisting of upper part of housing, housing pot and filter insert. All parts made of stainless steel. Mesh size of the filter fabric 0.28 mm. Cleaning in a dishwasher is recommended. Outlet connection to rainwater storage tank: 50 mm. Connection to sewage pipe: 110 mm. Inspection interval: 2 times a year. Cleaning of the filter insert when necessary in a dishwasher. Drainage-proof according to DIN EN 12056 / EN 752, complies with DIN 1989.

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