Bad Hersfeld Clinic

Bad Hersfeld, Germany | 2008

The clinic in Bad Hersfeld has been benefiting from utilising rainwater for a long time - a commitment to the ecology that resulted in savings of roughly EUR 13,500 in 2007.

In 2008, they estimated a yearly requirement of 40 m³ for pond and irrigation purposes and 1,801 m³ for flushing toilets. An additional 1,107 m³ of softened water for cooling the vacuum pumps was able to be saved. All in all a volume of 2,948 m³ that could come from using rainwater.

The rainwater storage tank, created in 1995, is made of steel, while the additional row of tanks that was added in 2001 is made of plastic. Both cisterns are connected to each other and supplied in parallel with rainwater. A vortex fine filter by WISY AG is integrated before the storage tanks. Particles are automatically flushed into the drain; they do not block the filter and do not have to be disposed of. This results in a high degree of efficiency and a long service life: a reliable and effective mode of operation.

Object Data

Rainwater yield [m³ / year]
Which company or architect did the planning?

Ingenieurgemeinschaft Libbach + Janssen, Eschborn



2 x WISY vortex fine filter WFF 150, Filter mesh size 0.28 mm


Stainless steel wall bracket


toilets, garden-watering, cooling of vacuum pumps
Separated Particles

toilets, garden-watering, cooling of vacuum pumps

Specific Characteristics

Annual Savings in 2007:
5,436 € drinking water and 450 € rainwater discharge fee, together 5,886 €

Completed in 1995, part 1 with
Irrigation, pond, fountain (250 m³/year)

Completed in 2001/2008, part 2 and 3
pond, toilets (2,900 m³/year)