Rainwater Unit Maxima

  • Automatic switchover between rainwater operation and mains water operation, additional manual switch possible at any time
  • System supplied ready to connect, no electrical work required
  • Quiet in operation thanks to submersible pumps, no suction problems
  • High supply and operational reliability even during periods of peak consumption
Regenwasserwerk für Regenwassernutzung in Großanlagen


Large hybrid unit ensures high supply capacity!

Combines all components required to operate the rainwater supply system according to the two-pressure-pump principle. Rainwater is pumped by the submersible loading pump out of the storage tank to the buffer tank of the indoor hybrid unit. A submersible pressure pump inside the buffer tank supplies rainwater to appliances. The buffer tank of the unit is directly topped up with mains water, buffer storage volume 350 l for high consumption peaks.

Complies with DIN 1989 and DIN EN 1717


Diameter: ø 700mm
Height tank: 1.225mm
Total height: 1350mm

Förderleistung Maxima

The scope of supply consists of:

Indoor hybrid unit with:

  • Capacity 350 l with emergency overflow DN 100 (3.9 in)
  • Multigo 205 or 407 multi-stage submersible pressure pump with rubber feet
  • Pump controller Zeta 02 with pressure gauge
  • Electronic control unit with level sensor
  • Automatic mains water top-up
  • Open mains water outlet (½“ for Maxima 205, ¾“ for Maxima 407), with solenoid valve, ball valve and dirt trap
  • Drain valve ½“
  • Non-return valve in rainwater inlet
  • Labelling set

Storage tank equipment with:

  • Provedo VX submersible loading pump with fixed vertical float switch, 20 m connecting cable, 1¼“ nozzle at discharge end with non-return valve (ST 1011), 3 m lifting strap and hook with screw thread
  • Stainless-steel baseplate 22 cm x 22 cm (8 in x 8 in) for submersible pressure pump
  • Stainless-steel floating fine suction filter, mesh size 0.3 mm (0.01 in), with 0.75 m (2.5 ft) flexible suction tube
Feed pump with stainless steel floating fine filter from WISY

Technical Data

Maxima No. of consumers (guide value) max. delivery rate max. delivery head
Maxima 205, controller attached to unit 2 to 4 households 75 l/min 47.7 m (157 ft)
Maxima 207, controller attached to unit 4 to 8 households, Commerce + industrie 125 l/min 49.4 m (162 ft)

Item number

Maxima 205, controller attached to unit ZE 9901
Maxima 207, controller attached to unit ZE 9903