Sigma Rainwater Unit

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  • Compact and economical
  • Suction pump in wall unit for pumping water from rainwater storage tank to appliances
  • Automatic switchover between rainwater and mains water depending on availability (manual switchover possible)
  • Regulation-compliant mains water top-up with open outlet in the integral top-up tank
  • With ZETA 02 pump controller: Less than 0.2 watts in standby mode

Installation and operating instructions for this product are only available in German or English. You need to understand German or English to install and use this product safely.


Fully automatic rainwater unit for supplying a single-family home with rainwater.

The unit draws rainwater from a storage tank and feeds it under pressure into the rainwater supply circuit. The unit controls the entire rainwater supply system, checks the fill level of the storage tank and automatically switches over to mains water operation when required. Supplied ready to connect. Complies with DIN 1989 and DIN EN 1717.

The scope of supply consists of:

  • Self-priming Aspri Plus pump and pump controller, available in two different versions (3 or 4 bar), with optional level indicator
  • Pressure gauge (pressure indicator)
  • DIN-compliant mains water top-up function, integral 9-litre top-up tank
  • Cover
  • Float switch for controlling top-up with mains water,
    cable length 15 metres
  • Labelling set