Kunststoffrecycling bei Wewatec

Wackersdorf, Deutschland | 2006

„WEWATEC Wertstofftechnik Wackersdorf GmbH“ is a recycler of plastics and processor of high-class and market-driven products as pallets, granulate and others.

Since 2006 WEWATEC is using the WISY filter WFF300 for the recycling process. The filter is installed into the process of washing and transportation of granulated plastics: the water flow with granulated waste plastics is passing the WFF300. Within the filter the plastics are separated from the water and pass it undeterred for the following recycling, while the fine filtered water is brought back into the process.

Furthermore, WEWATEC is using other WISY products for rainwater harvesting.



Wirbel-Feinfilter WWF 300


Betriebs-/ Prozesswasser
Rückführung in den Prozess als Wasch- und Transportwasser
Separated Particles

Trennung der zerkleinerten und gereinigten Kunststoffpartikel vom Wasch- und Transportwasser