Levine Science Research Center, Duke University

Durham, North Carolina, USA | 2014

The LSRC (Levine Science Research Center) at Duke University has started up and commissioned a highly efficient rainwater harvesting system designed to flush toilets and urinals in the new facility. Rainwater is being collected from the roof of the facility pre-filtered by the WISY WFF 300 Rainwater Pre-filter before it is stored in a 12,000 gallon below ground storage tank.

The WISY pre-filter is the only vertical filter made in the world and provides the highest quality water but more importantly is virtually maintenance free. Because of the cylindrical design using capillary action to separate debris larger than 380 microns from the stored rainwater, the filter normally only requires an annual cleaning. Its stainless steel construction allows cleaning to take place in a dish washer or a simple washing with a mild detergent.

Rainwater Management Solutions INC in Salem VA provided the state of the art Day Tank System using their four step process ensures high quality water is always available for the duplex pumps supplying water to the facility. The RMS four step process eliminates the need to completely empty or clean the rainwater storage tank for the life of the system. The RMS Day Tank System reduces the size and cost of components as well as maintenance costs while providing the volume and water quality the facility owner needs and deserves

The RMS Series 100 Rainwater Harvesting Controller is being used to control the rainwater system. The Controller monitors tank levels, flow rates of domestic and rainwater and ensures chlorine and dye is injected into the system as specified by the design parameters for the system. The RMS Series 100 Controller stores flow, level and other data and is capable of communicating with the Building Automation System. Alarms and other information can be sent through the controller via text message or emails. To learn more about the RMS Four Step Process, Day Tank System, or the LSRC Project, visit RMS at www.rainwatermanagement.com.

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Rainwater Management Solutions INC



Vortex Fine Filter WFF 300

Rainwater unit / pumps

RMS Series 100 Rainwater Harvesting Controller


To flush toilets and urinals