Taipei City Zoo

Taipei, Taiwan | 2000

Success was instant: 25% savings on drinking water requirements in the zoo were attained due to rainwater harvesting in the first few years of operation and a further 5% from utilising water carefully at tapping points. Children visiting the zoo enjoy the pictures on signs explaining how rainwater can be used by them, the visitors. They can fill up buckets using handpumps and take them to the zoo keepers, or water plants themselves.

Frank Fu, one of the initiators of cistern technology selected the FS filter collectors developed by WISY AG when downpipes in the building were later upgraded with low-maintenance, reliable filters. In the process, it was mostly bypass lines that were laid. During the monsoon period this guarantees a reliable run-off of large quantities of water. At normal precipitation levels, the WISY filter collector ensures a yield clearly over 90%; particles of dirt are automatically flushed into the drainage system.

Object Data

Annual rainfall [mm = litres / m²]
Which company or architect did the planning?

Meng-Tai Fu, ITRI, Taipeh



Filter Collector FS, mesh size 0.28 mm


Toilet, animal cleaning, irrigation

Specific Characteristics

Education for children and school classes to save drinking water.