Rainwater barrel Stabilix

  • Barrel for collection of rainwater
  • 500 litre storage capacity
  • Frost resistant
  • UV-resistant
  • No light penetration and formation of algae
  • Screw cover to prevent mosquito breeding
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When do I need a rainwater barrel?

If you only have occasional use for rainwater, we recommend that you install a rainwater barrel. Make sure that you choose the right kind of barrel - it should be made of an opaque, frost-resistant and UV-resistant material and have a fixed cover so as to prevent the growth of algae and breeding of mosquito larvae.

Seamless and frost resistant

Rainwater barrel Stabilix is made without seams from environmentally friendly and physiologically harmless polyethylene. The solid wall thickness guarantees long life and frost resistance.

No algae or mosquitos

The opaque colour prevents the formation of algae. The screw cover DN 400 closes tightly to prevent flying insects from laying eggs inside the barrel.


The storage volume of a Stabilix barrel of 500 l (32 US gallons) can be enlarged by connecting an optional number of Stabilix rainwater barrels to form one unit.

The rainwater barrel has a connection for a watering can tap and a free standing external pump. Thanks to its compact dimensions (ø 70 cm / 27.6 in), the Stabilix garden rainwater barrel fits through any standard basement door and can be used in the utility area.

If the rainwater filter is positioned at the maximum fill level of the barrel, you won't have any overflow problems. Fit a sturdy tap with large cross section near the base of the tank so that you can fill up your watering can quickly!

Rain barrel Stabilix with additional equipment
Rain barrel Stabilix with additional equipment

Technical Data

Volume 500 l (132 US gal.)
Height 160 cm (63 in.)
Diameter ø 70 cm (ø 27.6 in.)

Item number

Stabilix GT 5100