Mains Water Top Up Set

308.21 367.71 

  • Economical mains water top-up
  • Complete set of ready-to-use components
  • Operates fully automatically

Installation and operating instructions for this product are only available in German or English. You need to understand German or English to install and use this product safely.


For mains water top-up, tops up the rainwater storage tank with mains water as required during prolonged dry spells (daily requirement for single-family home). Complies with EN 1717. Top-up set comprising:

  • Open mains water outlet ½“
  • Adapter plug
  • Float switch for top-up, with retaining clamp, 3 m, 10 m or 20 m (9 ft., 32 ft. or 65 ft.) connecting cable
ConnectionWater top-up rate (at 3 bar system pressure)Connecting hoseTundish
½“ 2,64 m³/h50 cm DN 50