The pneumatic level indicator with manual pump actuation is supplied including a 20 m measuring hose and mounting parts . Optionally the measuring line can be extended to 50 meter. So that with this level indicator , remote measurement of up to 50 m is possible. It is suitable for tanks with a maximum water depth of 3 metres.

A great advantage is that neither a battery nor a power connection is required for the level indicator. Thanks to its maintenance-free and solid technology, it is reliable and durable. The handling of the pneumatic level indicator is simple and intuitive, so you can easily monitor the water level in your tanks.

The device shows the percentage fill level compared to the total volume of the tank.

The measuring hose made of hard plastic is laid in an empty pipe with a constant gradient towards the cistern. This allows any condensation to drain into the cistern. The 3 metre long flexible pipe with weight is then suspended from this in the cistern. The weight keeps the pipe taut and hangs just above the bottom of the cistern. This means that the measurement can be carried out precisely and easily without the need for additional brackets or fastenings in the cistern.

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Article number

Level indicator pneumatic FA 9910


The level indicator provides a precise indication of the fill level of your cistern, as a percentage of the maximum fill level, regardless of the tank shape. This pneumatic gauge is suitable for remote measurement up to a distance of 50 metres.

The impact-resistant plastic housing is a robust and durable construction. The level indicator is supplied with a 20 m measuring line and matching mounting parts so that you can easily install it in your tank. The measuring accuracy is +/- 3% of full scale, thanks to the linear capsule spring that ensures precise measurements.

Level indicator
Level indicator overview
Made in Germany

Pneumatic measuring process

Measurement of the hydrostatic ground pressure depending on the filling level of the cistern.


2 years warranty

We offer a WISY guarantee of 2 years for our pneumatic level indicator.


During the pneumatic measurement of the fill level, the hydrostatic ground pressure is measured, which varies depending on the fill level of the cistern. The pressure is usually taken 5 cm above the tank bottom and converted into the fill level on the dial. The dial shows the filling level in %.

Pneumatic pressure is built up in the measuring line system by means of an integrated pump until it is equal to the water pressure above the tank bottom. The pointer has now reached the highest level, the pressure generated by the pump has displaced the liquid column in the measuring line. The air now escapes bubbling out of the measuring line end at the bottom of the tank and the pointer remains in the measuring position . Semi-permanent indication, i.e. the pump closes the measuring line system at top dead centre, the pointer stops temporarily and then drops again very slowly.