Vortex Fine Filter WFF 150

546.21 593.81 

  • Filters rainwater from roof areas up to 500 m² in size (in temperate climate zones)
  • For rainwater or process water
  • Direction of inlet and outlets can be freely rotated
  • With extension tube and cover
  • Self-cleaning capability reduces maintenance

Installation and operating instructions for this product are only available in German or English. You need to understand German or English to install and use this product safely.


Rainwater filter for installation in horizontal rainwater pipes underground or in the open air (e.g. for industrial applications). Optionally available with 50 cm (1.6 ft.) extension tube for raising the inspection opening to ground level. Freely rotatable rainwater inlet.

Tested to German standard ATV: Vehicle duty capacity up to 30 t. Polypropylene housing (PP). Stainless steel filter insert, low maintenance. It is recommended to clean the filter insert in the dishwasher. Filter mesh size 0.28 mm (0.011 in.) (basic version) or 0.44 mm (0.017 in.). Drainage safety according to DIN EN 12056 / EN 752, complies with DIN 1989.

Watch how easy it is to remove the filter insert of the vortex filter and to put it back into the filter housing again utilising the included lifting handle: