Rainwater Harvesting is our Passion

We have been designing and manufacturing low-maintenance filters with stainless-steel mesh since 1989. These filters are in use all over the world - both in production processes and modern rainwater harvesting systems.

WISY's energy-saving pump controllers for water pumps are breaking new ground when it comes to power consumption in standby mode. Our product portfolio is completed by our break tanks for separating the process water circuit from the mains water supply.

We are the world's leading engineers of rainwater harvesting equipment. We are offering an entire system for filtering and storing rainwater cleansed in four stages, as well as all the other components you will need to create your own reliable water supply.

WISY quality - Made in Germany

Norbert Winkler inventet the first WISY rainwater filter in 1989. Thanks to its unique filtering concept and its success in systematically developing its product range, WISY AG quickly grew to become the leading manufacturer of high quality rainwater harvesting systems. WISY is now securely established as a global supplier of rain harvesting products with partners in over 40 countries.

Training Center

In addition to manufacturing high-quality products, the company has always understood the importance of product-specific training. In an in-house training centre, more than 10,000 installers and distributors have since received instruction in the fundamental principles of rainwater harvesting.

Founder member of the German Association for Rainwater Harvesting

WISY is a founder member of the German Association for Rainwater (Bundesverband für Betriebs- und Regenwasser) and also participated in the DIN committees which drew up the applicable standards.

Durability and reliability of its products

WISY´s products have consequently found use in many thousands of projects around the world, especially where professional rainwater harvesting solutions are required. It is in public buildings in particular - scholls, hospitals, and fire stations, for example - that WISY products can guarantee a reliable rainwater supply. Private home owners appreciate the easy of use and the extremly low maintenance requirements of WISY´s system.

The name WISY is synonymous with quality and durability!

We wish you much pleasure and success with our products.