How do I ventilate a submersible pump in the cistern?

How to remove a submersible pump from the cistern?

It is especially important that you do NOT lift a submersible pump by the power cable or pull it out of the cistern! This could cause the cable to come loose, which can lead to lethal electrical voltages.

Support cable for lifting and as an anti-tipper

Attach the supplied suspension rope to the submersible pump so that it can be lowered and raised again. The support rope is fixed in the dome shaft of the cistern and additionally protects the pump against tipping over.

Venting a submersible pump

BEFORE commissioning, the submersible pump should be vented to ensure proper functioning. This involves filling it with water so that it can work properly. Place the pump in a horizontal position under water for about two minutes using the support rope.

On the discharge side, FIRST flush the piping. Before connecting the submersible pump to the house piping system, the pipework must be flushed. Often there is dirt in the pipes due to the construction work, which is otherwise transported to the connected devices.