How do I clean the WISY filter insert the easiest?

After prolonged use, a biofilm can form on the filter mesh. It can be easily removed with one of the following measures:

Cleaning in the dishwasher:

Cleaning in the dishwasher is very effective. First, remove the deposits on the stainless steel mesh with a brush, warm water and some detergent. Place the filter element upright in the dishwasher, as it is also inserted into the filter housing. Dose dishwashing detergent as usual and start a cleaning program.

Cleaning with the high-pressure cleaner:

Let the filter insert soak overnight in a bucket of water with a dash of detergent.

Fix the filter insert, for example in a bucket, so that it can not be thrown around by the water jet! Otherwise, it can cause significant damage.

Use the high pressure cleaner to align a wide jet of water from about 30 cm distnance on the inner surface of the filter mesh. This way, even stubborn dirt or sandy deposits can be easily removed.