Two-family house by Schmöller

Stuttgart, Germany | 2002

The architect, Schmöller, from Stuttgart, is a lecturer at the Technical University in Stuttgart and one of the pioneers of sustainable housing technology. Like all planners, he tried his ideas out on his own house first. Photovoltaic and solar domestic water heating systems are a matter of course to him. As early as 1982, he had installed an air-water-heat pump as well as a greywater recycling and rainwater harvesting system. The greywater, collected from showers, baths and washing machine is used for the WC. The rainwater from the roof of the house supplies the washing machine and waters the garden.

At that time there were no special products for recycling rainwater on the market. The self-constructed filters to clean the rainwater were extremely high maintenance. Which is why they were replaced with WISY filter technology. The fitter, Dieter Vogel-Brenner, from Esslingen, required one hour assembly time per downpipe. The architect, Schmöller, developed an elegant solution to branching off the cleaned water, architecturally speaking, laying the pipes beneath ground level.

Object Data

Roof surface [m²]
Cistern capacity [m³]
Which company or architect did the planning?

Dipl.-Ing. Klaus H. Schmöller, Stuttgart



PE Container for rainwater with 1.1 m³ tank volume inside the house and overflow to the greywater tank

PE Container for greywater with 1.1 m³ tank volume inside the house


3 x WISY standpipe filter collector STFS
Filter mesh size 0.28 mm


Irrigation and washing machine

Specific Characteristics

Grauwasserspeicher aus Kunststoff
1,1 m³ Speichergröße