Under flowering elms

Recklinghausen, Germany | 2020

A satisfied customer writes to us:

"I have installed the Filter Collector FS and yesterday I took impressive pictures after a short rain shower. I would like to make these available to you, because you can certainly convince interested customers with them.

We have big elms, about 50 years old, standing in front of the house on the street. When they blossom in spring, millions of small seed leaves fly through the air, especially in sunshine. Of course, they also collect in the gutters. The result after several dry and hot days can be seen on the pictures, because I drain the downpipe onto my garage roof.

Of course the Filter Collector remains clear, even the one at my garden hut has been doing its job without maintenance since decades."



Filter Collector FS



Specific Characteristics

An extreme occurrence of elm blossoms is successfully separated from the rainwater without clogging the filter.