Dormitory San Francesca

Tokio, Japan | 2008

The nuns from San Francesca on the outskirts of Tokyo have been caring for orphans for a very long time already. The new home for young women was designed to add to the facilities provided by the orphanage and was completed in December 2008. The first five young girls have already moved in. The nuns' social mission includes both ecological and organic construction principles: wind power, solar and rainwater technology are all integrated into the holy order's new buildings. The filter collectors built into the downpipes are produced by WISY AG.

"The basic ethical attitude to preserving creation demands this of these Christian women," comments the Japanese architect, Hiroshi Kamiya, explaining the project. After only a single-year construction period, he had optimised the order's specifications in such a way as to be worthy of a platinum or gold medal according to the US LEED green building standard. He would definitely have attained the points required for saving water and health-promoting interior architecture. A 100-litre tank is filled automatically from the cistern for the children to do the watering. A hose drum is also available.

Object Data

Annual rainfall [mm = litres / m²]
Roof surface [m²]
Cistern capacity [m³]
Which company or architect did the planning?

Hiroshi Kamiya, Suikei Design, Tokyo



20 m³ Rainwater reservoir in-situ underneath the building


2 x WISY Filter Collector,
mesh size 0.28 mm


Irrigation, biotop and groundwater recharge