Brewery Neumarkter Lammsbräu

Neumarkt, Germany | 2000

The Neumarkter Lammsbräu brewery looks back on 380 years of brewing tradition. Today the company is a producer of beverages with a staff of 80 employees and a concept based on green sustainability. Water is the company's number 1 resource. It is handled with care and saved wherever possible. For this reason, rainwater is harvested from several flat roofs for the company's own refrigeration installations. The water is collated via the gutters into a special filter system developed by WISY AG and stored in stainless steel tanks. From there, the limefree rainwater is fed into the water cooling capacitors without any
further treatment.

Investment costs of roughly EUR 5,000 for materials were incurred in order to install the rainwater harvesting system. As far as the rainwater lasts, the company saves on having to soften the well water it otherwise uses. This also reduces costs for personnel and maintenance in comparison to before, as the time taken until ion exchangers regenerate is considerably longer. Depending on the rainwater yield, between 600 and 900 cubic metres of rainwater are used per year, with the result that EUR 1,500 for water costs are saved on an annual basis.

Object Data

Roof surface [m²]
Cistern capacity [m³]
Rainwater yield [m³ / year]



Vortex Fine Filter WFF 150, mesh size 0.28 mm


Feeding the water cooling capacitors for the beverage production

Specific Characteristics

No water softening needed:
Softening of the rainwater is not needed. This also reduces costs for personnel and maintenance.

Savings per year:
Additional to the maintenance savings, further 800 m³ well water and 1,500 € water costs are saved with the system.