Rainwater Harvesting
for Horses and Livestock Farming

Good Water for your livestock

Animals need high-quality water. Rainwater harvesting is widely adopted in animal work, rainwater is needed for:

  • Livestock watering
  • Washing of animals
  • Cleaning of barns, stables and machines

In the sports sector, rainwater is also often used to sprinkle indoor floors and to maintain the shock-absorption surfaces in equestrian arenas.

The quality of rainwater

When it comes to keeping livestock, rainwater offers an intelligent alternative to other water resources. Usually barn facilities have large roof areas so that rainwater is available in adequate quantities to collect it in a rainwater harvesting system.

Rainwater is extremely soft and doesn't leave any limescale deposits in watering troughs, irrigation or supply lines. Nozzles don't get blocked by limescale, and decalcification equipment is not needed.

What is more, rainwater does not contain any chemical or hormone residues of the kind found in inadequately treated wastewater. Increasing levels of both these pollutants are now being detected in groundwater.

Rainwater comes closest to the natural water needs of your animals!

WISY Service

Are you planning to construct a facility for keeping livestock? WISY supplies all the components required to build a modern rainwater harvesting system. Our experts will be happy to support you with rainwater expertise for your project.

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