WISY filtering principle:
Automatic dirt removal

The secret:

The filter meshes inside WISY's filters are vertical.

Solids such as leaves, moss or materials from production processes are simply flushed past the filter and washed away.

Filtereinsatz Edelstahl

Thanks to this simple design, the filter screen has a long service life and requires very little maintenance.

This is a crucial advantage over any type of filter with rather horizontal filter surface. They become clogged very quickly and require frequent cleaning.

It sounds unbelievable, but is very simple:

Principal WISY-Filter: Leaves can not clog the filter
Principal of WISY-Filters:
Leaves or particles can not clog the filter

When water falls through a vertical tube, it tends to cling to the inner surface of the tube. This behavior is caused by adhesion forces which can be exploited to alter the direction of water flow. Solids do not behave in this way, they just fall straight down. Furthermore, they are captured by the fine stainless-steel mesh of the filter. Only clean water can pass into the storage tank or back to the production process.


The cross-sectional area of the connected tubing does not change at any point inside the filter housing so that larger debris particles can pass straight through. Even a tennis ball washed off the roof cannot block the rainwater pipe.


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