Energy-efficient pump controlling

The purpose of water pumps is to build up a specific pressure and so cause the water to flow at a given rate when required. The water begins to flow as soon as a valve or extraction point is opened.

Since the pump is not required to operate continuously, but only on demand, its operation needs to be controlled. This is done by a pump controller which monitors pressure and flow rate and switches the pump on and off as required.

As conventional pump controllers perform this monitoring function, they continuously consume power at a rate of up to 15 watts. By day and by night, 8760 hours each year.

The WISY ZETA 02 pump controller has been designed to consume less than 0.2 watts, so saving up to 128 kilowatt-hours per year. Within the context of the German energy mix, this corresponds to an annual 70 kg reduction in carbon dioxide (CO₂) greenhouse gas emissions.



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