Smoothing inlet for rainwater

  • Distributes the fresh, oxygen-rich rainwater in the storage tank
  • Prevents resuspension of sediment
  • Smoothing inlet made of stainless-steel
  • Optionally with telescopic pull-out
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The smoothing inlet made of stainles steel prevents resuspension of sediment and distributes
fresh, oxygen-rich rainwater in the storage tank.

Optionally with telescopic pull-out.

Item number

Smoothing inlet for DN 100 inflow pipes EB 0300
Smoothing inlet with 204 mm (8.03") inside diameter (For DN 200 inflow pipes. Compatible with WFF 300) EB 0303
Smoothing inlet with 222 mm (8.74") inside diameter EB 0304
Smoothing inlet DN 125 with telescopic pull-out DN 100 (Compatible with LineAr 100) EB 0305