Rainwater Filters and Collectors

WISY rainwater filters in many designs

There are rainwater filters from WISY for all fields of application: for the downpipe, for installation in the ground, in the rainwater tank or as a free-standing design.

With the WISY filter principle, the water is directed to the side, while any entrained particles simply fall down. Continuously, WISY rainwater filters clean themselves with a very high degree of efficiency. Learn more about how we accomplish this further below.

In the following you will find all our rainwater filters. Feel free to take a look around!

    • Downpipe Filter for Rainwater
    • Made of stainless steel
    • Roof areas up to 150 m² or 1,615 sq.ft.
      (temperate climate zone)
    • Vertical 0.28 mm filter element integrated
    • Effective separation of dirt particles
    • 10-year guarantee
    • Easy access to filter insert
    • Extremely low maintenance
    • High oxygen enrichment
    • For roof areas up to 200 m² or 2,153 sq.ft.
      (tropical climate: 100 m² or 1,076 sq.ft.)
    • Detached and semi-detached homes
    • Rainwater for toilet flushing, washing machine, cleaning and garden irrigation
    • Vertical water flow
    • automatic overflow
    • frost-proof
    • stainless steel
    • Rainwater for garden irrigation
    • Separates rainwater to the rainwater barrel without filtration
    • For installation in downpipes
    • 10-year guarantee
    • Extremely low maintenance
    • Automatic overflow protection for the rainwater barrel
    • Rainwater for garden irrigation
    • Standpipe with integrated rainwater filter
    • Made of stainless steel
    • For roof areas of 200 m² or 2,153 ft² (temperate climate zone)
    • Low maintenance, automatic dirt removal
    • For rainwater or process water

    • Self-cleaning capability reduces maintenancetrian facilities

    • Pipe diameter DN 100

    • With extension tube and cover

    • Temperate climate zone:
      For roofs up to 200 m² (2,153 sq.ft.)

    • Tropical climate zone:
      For roofs up to 100 m² (1,076 sq.ft.)

    • For rainwater or process water

    • Self-cleaning capability reduces maintenancetrian facilities

    • Pipe diameter DN 150, horizontal

    • With extension tube and cover

    • Direction of inlets and outlets can be freely rotated

    • Temperate climate zone:
      For roofs up to 500 m² (5,382 sq.ft.)

    • Tropical climate zone:
      For roofs up to 250 m² (2,691 sq.ft.)

    • For rainwater /
      process water in industrial applications

    • Self-cleaning capability reduces maintenance

    • Large roof areas:
      Sports and equestrian facilities
      Residential buildings
      Commercial or office buildings

    • Pipe diameter DN 300

    • With sealed plastic cover or steel cover vehicle duty up to 60t

    • For 3,000 m² / 32,292 sq.ft. roof area in temperate climate
      (Tropical climate: 1,500 m² / 16,146 sq.ft.)

    • For roof areas up to 200 m² in moderate climate (2,150 ft²)
    • Only 5 cm (2") height difference between inlet and outlet
    • For installation in rainwater storage tanks
    • Easy to retrofit
    • Low-maintenance, vertical filter mesh

A rainwater filter is indispensable

Rainwater filters perform the most important function in collecting rainwater. Only if a rainwater filter removes all coarse components in the first stage the further stages can function reliably.

The rainwater filter represents the first purification stage of the four-stage system for collecting and storing rainwater.

The secret of the always clean rainwater filter:

Rainwater filters from WISY feature a vertical filter mesh. Leaves, moss or other solids simply fall by it and are rinsed away with a small amount of residual water. Actually, through a natural effect, we change the direction of flow of the water without deflecting or stopping particles and pollutants.

Rainwater filters from WISY do not collect dirt and the filter mesh cannot become clogged. This is the decisive advantage over filters with flat, horizontal filter surfaces, which always accumulate solid particles and have to be cleansed by hand or with an additional spraying device at short intervals.

Why does rainwater flow sideways through a vertical filter mesh?

Water has the nature of clinging to the walls of a pipe as it runs down it. The reason for this is adhesion force. Similar to a drop hanging from a blade of grass without falling or condensed water traveling under a tilted tent canvas, the direction of flow in the rainwater filter can be influenced.

We use this effect in all WISY rainwater filters to drain the rainwater off to the side. In doing so, the water travels through a fine mesh fabric made of stainless steel, which filters the rainwater.

This effect does not work on solids and dirt particles. They cannot be deflected to the side and fall to the bottom. There they are washed away.

Due to the vertical arrangement, the filter mesh can not get dirty or accumulate leaves and debris. The rainwater filter remains clean continuously, while only filtered water enters the cistern or returns to the production process.

Safety in the rainwater filter:

The open cross-section of the connected piping is retained throughout the entire rainwater filter. This means that even larger solids can pass freely. Even a tennis ball flushed from the roof cannot cause a blockage in the downpipe, as the rainwater filter does not narrow.