Break Tank Sigura 9

  • Efficient Class 5 protection of potable water
  • Complies with with EN 1717
  • Delivery rate of 35 l/min with 30 m delivery head
  • Fully automatic modern, compact unit
  • Energy-efficient technology, standby consumption less than 0.2 W
  • Integral 4-stage centrifugal pump
  • Ideal for garden irrigation, watering livestock, horticultural nurseries, etc.
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trennstation Sigura 9



The SIGURA 9 break tank separates the process water circuit from the mains water supply. It is designed to protect the public supply of potable water against contamination. The mains water top-up system is implemented as an open outlet in accordance with EN 1717 (formerly DIN 1988/4). The SIGURA 9 break tank is installed in a frost-free utility room, draws mains water out of the mains water circuit and feeds it under pressure into the process water circuit. The break tank provides a water pressure of 4.4 bar in the process water circuit and is thus also suitable for boosting the pressure in buildings with up to three storeys. It is also designed for use with irrigation systems, car washes, livestock watering installations and any process in general that may not be directly connected to the mains water supply system.

Design and operating principle

The SIGURA 9 system uses tried-and-tested, reliable components. Its Zeta 02 pump controller is especially energy efficient, consuming less than 0.2 watts in standby mode.

If a valve at one appliance (e.g. irrigation system) is opened, the pressure in the supply circuit drops. If it drops below 1.5 bar, the pump in the break tank starts up and supplies the connected appliances with water. When all valves at the appliances are closed again, the pump controller shuts down the pump when operating pressure is reached.

Anwendungsbeispiel Trennstation zur Bewässerung in Gärtnerei

The tank can be topped up with approximately 95 litres of mains water per minute if required. The mains water top-up tank has a storage capacity of 9 litres and is also fitted with an emergency overflow (DN 70) as an additional precaution. A pressure gauge in the sight glass of the SIGURA 9 indicates the current system pressure in the process water circuit. When the system is completely empty of water, the dry run protection system integrated in the pump controller shuts down the pump in the SIGURA 9 tank.

Item number

Sigura 9 TR 5009