Mains water top up set

  • Complete set of ready-to-use components!
  • Operates fully automatically
  • Economical mains water top-up
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Trinkwasser Nachspeiseset


For mains water top-up, tops up the rainwater storage tank with mains water as required during prolonged dry spells (daily requirement for single-family home). Complies with DIN EN 1717.

Top-up set comprising:

  • Open mains water outlet ½“ (Item No. TW 9901)
  • Adapter plug (Item No. SS 0149)
  • Float switch for top-up, with retaining clamp, 3 m, 10 m or 20 m (9 ft., 32 ft. or 65 ft.) connecting cable (see item numbers SS 1001, SS 1002 or SS 1003)

Item number

Top up set with 3 m (9 ft) connecting cable TW 8803
with 10 m (32 ft) connecting cable TW 8810
with 20 m (65 ft) connecting cable TW 8820