Vortex Fine Filter Cleaning Nozzle

  • For industrial applications
  • Designed for continuous duty
  • No additional water consumption, filtered water is used in cleaning process


A vortex fine filter equipped with the fully automatic cleaning nozzle is capable of performing extremely challenging tasks in water recycling or separation plants. This nozzle cleans the filter with a fine water spray. The filter surface is kept clean for long periods without any need for maintenance.

The spraying device for the WFF 100 and WFF 150 vortex fine filters is installed in an external shaft extension above the filter. The spraying device for WFF 300 can be installed directly in the filter housing.

The cleaning nozzle operates fully automatically. In terms of cleaning, the filter is virtually maintenance-free. The service life of the filter is extended, while the consumption of fresh and wastewater and the energy usage associated with the process are minimized.

Item number

Cleaning Nozzle for WFF 100 SC 1000
Cleaning Nozzle for WFF 150 SC 2000
Cleaning Nozzle for WFF 300 with 1" male thread connection SC 3000