Reduce Pump Controller
Standby Energy Consumption by 97%

How does a pump controller switch the pump?

Task of the Pump

The purpose of water pumps is to build up a specific pressure and so cause the water to flow at a given rate when required. The water begins to flow as soon as a valve or extraction point is opened.

What does the pump controller?

Since the pump is not required to operate continuously, but only on demand, its operation needs to be turned on and off. This is done by a pump controller which monitors pressure and flow rate and switches the pump on and off as required.

Challenge standby energy consumption

As conventional pump controllers perform this monitoring function, they continuously require consume power at a rate of up to 15 watts - only for standby mode. Day and night, 365 days or 8,760 hours each year.

This standby consumption can account for a large portion of the total energy required for rainwater harvesting.

Development with university support

This is where we come in: Together with the Technical University of Central Hesse (THM), we took a close look at the electrical control board of an existing pump controller and completely redesigned it. The result is an extremely efficient circuit design that reduces standby consumption to less than 0.2 watts.

Production of ZETA 02 Pump Controller

This redesigned circuit board is now our standard in WISY's ZETA 02 pump controllers. The circuit board is beeing manufactured very close by to our own production plant in Hitzkirchen and we are integrating it into the housing of our long-standing European supplier .

The new Pump Controller saves

Compared with the power requirements of conventional pump controllers, this increase in efficiency means a 97% reduction in power consumption, by about 128 kilowatt hours per year.

Depending on the mix of energy in the public grid, the electricity savings mean a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of about 70 kg of carbon dioxide (CO₂) per pump controller annually.

Energy efficiency as standard

This gain in efficiency does not only benefit the users of a new ZETA 02 pump controller.

Of course, all WISY rainwater units and break tanks are equipped with the new pump controller. This saves all our customers money and reduces power consumption, as well as the associated CO₂ emissions.

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