New for the rainwater downpipe: RainCollector RS and RainCatcher RC

Hitzkirchen, December 2015: Proven WISY quality combined with unbeatable economy. The new products RainCollector RS and RainCatcher RC were developed with this challenge in mind! Both remove leaves or insects from rainwater and are functionally designed for this basic purpose.

The call for inexpensive rainwater harvesting technology is growing ever louder - not just in Germany but around the world. With its RainCollector RS and RainCatcher RC, WISY has answered this call. Thanks to these new products, professional rainwater harvesting has now become affordable even for those on low incomes in developing and emerging nations.

The RainCatcher RC utilizes a simple hydraulic effect in order to separate coarse dirt particles out of rainwater. If the water is to be stored for a prolonged period, it needs extra filtering and this is where the RainCollector RS comes in. It is equipped with the patented WISY filter insert which can filter even fine particles out of water.

The housing of the RainCollector RS and RainCatcher RC is designed to allow the completely free flow of rainwater. Even a tennis ball can fall unhindered through the unit without itself becoming an obstacle to water flow.

The RainCollector RS and RainCatcher RC have a functional housing made of rugged, UV-resistant polypropylene (PP) that is designed to withstand tropical sunlight. WISY is pleased to offer a 10-year guarantee against material defects.

Both models are available for delivery immediately. Please contact us or our international partners. We would be pleased to give you the name of an installation specialist in your region or supply you directly as a trading partner.

You will find more information about the products here: