Member of the German Bundestag
Dr. Peter Tauber visits WISY

Hitzkirchen, October 2015: WISY is working at political level to promote the causes of rainwater harvesting and efficient energy use. Dialog with elected representatives from the German federal and state parliaments is helping us to achieve this goal. Following the recent fact-finding visit to Kefenrod-Hitzkirchen by Tarek Al-Wasir, the Hessian Minister of Economics, we were pleased to welcome Dr. Peter Tauber, Member of the German Bundestag, to our premises this week. As a locally elected representative to the Bundestag, Dr. Tauber has again paid a visit to our company.

He has been a Member of the Bundestag since 2009 and General Secretary of the German CDU party since 2013. Dr. Tauber took this visit as an opportunity to find out more about the potential benefits of rainwater harvesting and the contribution that it can make to reducing CO2 emissions. He was able to watch a live demonstration of the new Zeta 02 pump controller, a device that uses less than 0.2 watts in standby mode.

The MP, accompanied by the mayor of Kefenrod Rudi Kessler, was warmly welcomed by the Directors of WISY AG, Jan Maurer and Arnold Denk. The welcoming party also included Torsten Grüter, the President of the German Association for Rainwater Harvesting and Water Utilisation, and Robert Malzacher, the Managing Director of the Gießen-Friedberg Chamber of Commerce with responsibility for international, legal and tax issues.

In his press release following the visit, Dr. Tauber said:

WISY is above all setting new standards when it comes to efficient use of resources.

The examples he gave of outstanding projects included rainwater harvesting systems installed at the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Taipeh zoo or the 'House of German Industry" in Berlin.

He also praised WISY's commitment to offering training opportunities as a means of addressing the shortage of skilled workers in rural areas, and the company's significant increase in export sales.

Peter Tauber was clearly impressed by the innovation potential and international focus of the Kefenrod enterprise. The contribution that rainwater harvesting can make to reduction in CO2 emissions was a subject of particular interest that he wishes to bear in mind for discussion at federal level. We wish him much success!

From left to right: Rudi Kessler, Dr. Peter Tauber, Arnold Denk, Jan Maurer, Robert Malzacher und Torsten Grüter
From left to right: Rudi Kessler, Dr. Peter Tauber, Arnold Denk, Jan Maurer, Robert Malzacher und Torsten Grüter