Minister of Economics
Tarek Al-Wazir visits WISY

Hitzkirchen, August 2015: The Hessian Minister of Economics, Energy, Transport and Regional Development, Tarek Al-Wazir, paid a visit to WISY AG. He was accompanied by other members of the ministry and the Hessian state parliament, as well as Rudolf Kessler, the mayor of Kefenrod.

Mr. Al-Wazir took a keen interest in the potential energy savings that can be achieved with the WISY ZETA 02 pump controller. Thanks to this unique device, WISY rainwater units consume virtually zero energy in standby mode. This quality is particularly significant because rainwater units operate for long periods in standby mode and are switched on only when rainwater is extracted from an appliance in the rainwater circuit. WISY's systems for supplying toilets, washing machines and garden irrigation systems stand out clearly from competitor products thanks to this low energy usage in standby mode.

During his visit, the minister not only enjoyed a guided tour through the factory, but also had the opportunity to discuss with WISY the amount of energy consumed by water companies in order to maintain mains water supplies. Since a rainwater harvesting system can reduce mains water usage by 50%, equivalent savings could be made in the amount of energy required to supply mains water. If rainwater were to be harvested systematically throughout Germany, the potential energy savings could be measured in terawatt-hours.

As Arnold Denk and Jan Maurer, Directors of WISY AG, commented:
Our small company can supply the technology needed to establish harvested rainwater as a fresh water source all over the world. In view of the ever increasing challenges of supplying the world's population with fresh water, this could make an important contribution to preventing social and humanitarian problems.